If you want a touch of originality, let yourself be seduced by this titanium piercing fork woman.

You have just been pierced at the genital level and you hesitate in the choice of your intimate piercing ? Infinite piercing guarantees you :

  • Hypoallergenic jewellery
  • High quality metals
  • Original piercings for everyone
Color :


Size :

1.2x6x4mm, 1.2x6x6mm, 1.2x6x8mm, 1.6x6x4mm, 1.6x6x6mm, 1.6x8x8mm, 2.0x4x6mm, 2.0x4x8mm, 2.0x6x4mm, 2.0x6x6mm, 2.0x6x8mm, 2.0x8x4mm, 2.0x8x6mm, 2.0x8x8mm, 2x15x6x6mm


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